Key Machinery : Foundry

No. Foundry
01 Cupola Divided Blast Furnaces
02 Induction Melting Furnace
03 Holding Furnace
04 Spectrometer
05 Various capacity Sand Mullers
06 Sand Mixers
07 Air Compressors
08 Pneumatic Rammers
09 Pneumatic Chippers
10 Hand Grinders
11 7 Nos. EOT Cranes
12 Sand Sieve
13 Loam Sand Mixer
14 Sand Drier
15 Welding rectifiers / MIG setups
16 Core Drying Ovens 
17 Laddles For Liquid Metal
18 Cupola Charging  Weighing Scale
19 Crane Weighing System

Key Machinery : Machine shop

No. Machine Shop
01 Heavy Duty Lathes
02 Bombay Lathe
03 Flange Lathe
04 Plano Millers
05 Shaping Machine
06 Bandsaw Machine
07 Shimoga Lathes
08 Drilling Machines
09 SPM For Grooving Of Sugar Mill Rollers (CNC)
10 Lathe For Rings Machining
11 Special Purpose Lathes
12 Special Purpose Horizontal Boring Machines
13 EOT Cranes

Quality Control Laboratory Equipments

No. Machine Shop
01 Strohlein Apparatus
02 Hot Plate
03 Digital Pyrometers
04 Heavy Duty Drill
05 Optical Pyrometer
06 Electronic Weighing Machine
07 Standard Weighing Scale
08 Muffle Furnace (For Silicon Determination)
09 Sand Testing Equipments
10 Distilled Water Generator

Man Power Detail

Description Nos.
Director 8
Managers 11
Officers 28
Others 21
Permanent Labor 141
Contractual Labor 125
Contractual Labor (seasonal) 260


  • 35 years of experience in Reshelling business
  • Highest casting capacity of 10,000 tons p.a. for sugar rollers
  • SBR has almost 100% New Rollers business of Indian Sugar Mill OEMs
  • 50% to 60% market share in reshelling of sugar mill roller business. SBR produces 1500 rollers p.a.
  • High technical expertise to manufacture any type of shell with maintaining perfect melting temperature & perfect chemical composition
  • Two patented rollers Kamal Rollers & SBR Alloy Roller shows excellent designing capabilities that has become the industry norm
  • Rollers manufactured are highly wear resistant providing better life span and high performance.
  • Capable of precision “Shrink fitting”, a vital facility available in the industry.
  • Strong Technical knowledge, Vast experience and Good knowledge of Indian market.
  • Export orders from USA, UK, Australia, France, Sudan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Kenya, etc.
  • A separate machine-shop and stress relieving facility
  • Dedicated pattern making department for tailor made castings
  • Well equipped quality control setup and processes
  • Dedicated design team with highly qualified engineers
  • Excellent product quality with almost zero defect.
  • SBR also manufactures other heavy castings such as pump and valve casting to utilize spare casting capacity in the off-season period.