Vision & Mission

Future Plan

  • To expand and modernize the current manufacturing capacity to world standard. 
  • To setup modern foundry unit of 1200 MTPA at Kagal, Kolhapur to cater Macnine Tool, Pump and Valve and Wind Energy Industry.
  • To set-up heavy machine shop to undertake machining of heavy components.

Growth Solutions

Horizontal Diversification:

Tie-up with companies in same line of business i.e. sugar mill rollers manufacturing, other parts required for sugar mills & EPC project for sugar industry, Power, Distillation of alcohol

Related Diversfication:

Heavy castings made up of S.G. Iron and C.I. for pumps and vah/es industry size of casting should be from 1 tonne to 3 tonnes. Also castings for engineering industry

Vertical Integration:

Matching shop for the heavy castings, Project having growth potential in India like Power, Distillation, Sugar, etc