Synergy Green Industries Pvt. Ltd.

To achieve operational excellence by adapting latest technology and innovations.
Global recognition as a reliable supplier for medium to large size critical iron castings.
Present Product Range
Weight Range - 500 Kgs to 10MT on fast loop moulding line.
                      - 10MT to 15 MT with floor moulding.
Material grade: CI, & SG Iron Castings.
Batch/Bulk Production castings - Capacity 20,000 TPA.
Key highlights
·  Largest fast loop moulding line in the country for big castings, which can deliver consistent quality and high productivity.
·  No bake sand system with >90% reclamation capability.
·  Energy efficient Induction Melting equipments.
·  Clean foundry environment along with compliance to all statutory and environmental requirements.
·  State of the art IT facilities: MAGMA Simulation, ATAS liquid metal analyzer, ERP system, bench marked quality testing facilities.
Foundry Infrastructure
Phase 1
             - Factory Building – 9,648 Sq.m.
             - Admin & Utilities – 1,764 Sq.m.
             - Total Area – 11,412 Sq.m
Phase 2 Expansion (machining)
             - Factory Building – 4,680Sq.m.



MAGMA Flow & Thermal Simulation Software
Well established Pattern Supply Chain Including CNC route.

Continuous Sand Mixers 3 Nos (80 MT/Hr, 30 MT/Hr, 6 MT/Hr)
(Built with temperature & Flow Sensors)Mould Compaction Table & Transfer Cars.

30 MT Chain Manipulator & Flood Coating StationMould Drying Stations.

Fast Loop Moulding Line
16 Stations, 4 Set Patterns. Size: 4M X 3M X 2M


Half Flask WT: 30 MT 20 MT/Hour 4M X 3M Shakeout 1 No
Mechanical 5M X 5M Stationary Grid
Sand Reclamation

8MT X 2 No.s
Induction Furnace
(Max. Liquid Metal 20 MT)