About Us

S. B. Reshellers Pvt. Ltd., or SBR is one of the group companies of more than Rs. 1500 Crore Shirgaokar Group of Companies. Incorporated in 1978 @ D-5/D-15, MIDC Shiroli, Kolhapur, for carrying out Reshelling of Sugar Mill Rollers and Manufacturing of New Mill Rollers.

Over the period of 40 + years, SBR has grown to become largest reshelling unit in the world. The company has installed capacity to produce 1500 Sugar Mill rollers per annum catering to all the major Sugar Factories and Original Equipment manufacturers of Sugar Mills in Domestic and International market.

SBR remained on the forefront of milling technology by manufacturing Conventional, innovative and patented Internal Bleeding “Kamal” rollers, highly wear resistant “SBR Alloy” Rollers and high performance “Sleeve-Kamal” geometry rollers of own patented designs. Products list also, included Underfeed and Forcefeed rollers of specialised designs.

As business diversification, in 2002 SBR started Casting division, producing Cast Iron and S. G. Iron castings catering to quality castings requirements of Wind Turbine, Machine Tools, Pumps and Valves etc industries. Further, SBR extends their presence in fabrication products for sugar and process industry.

SBR is known for its quality products, technical capabilities, engineering innovativeness and superb customer service.