Social Responsibility

S. B. Reshellers is at the forefront for bringing about a positive change in the society. Here are few reasons why SBR is much more than just metals and machines.

Child Labour:

Child labor has been banned in India since decades. SBR has never employed any children in its workforce ever since the inception. SBR also ensures that none of the SBR suppliers and associates employ any child labour in their premises. SBR is actively working with organizations that work for the betterment of street children and the orphans. Every Roller produced at SBR directly contributes to the upliftment of the less privileged children keeping them in schools rather than in the factories.

Worker Safety:

SBR places utmost priority on the safety of its workforce. We believe, we are the world leaders in Sugar Mill Rollers only because of the unparalleled services offered by our dedicated workforce, many of whom have been working with us since generations. The work safety culture at SBR is unparalleled and at times adds to our overheads. But ensuring that at the end of the day every worker is safe with his family, makes all the costs worth it.

Green Energy:

SBR has already taken on the mantle to reduce its carbon footprint. With our new and swanky machine shop having solar panel roofs, much of the consumed electricity comes from renewable sources. We have done away with the Cupola Furnaces in the foundry that would feed on the non-renewable energy sources. With our sand reclamation units and their effective utilization, SBR contributes for a greener world.


Workforce at SBR represents the diversity that India offers. With a healthy participation from both the sexes, SBR is one among the very few companies in the region with women working in key roles of a heavy engineering company. SBR’s workforce consists of people speaking different languages and following different religions. SBR vehemently upholds the right of every able individual to contribute for the success of the organization.

Democracy in India:

SBR’s products come primarily from the Republic of India. One of the many good things about India is it being the largest and fully functioning democracy. Indians have always believed in a stable and democratic civilian government. Hence, the ease of doing business with India is much better than that of some other countries.

SAP system:

The SAP system has enabled the company to streamline all its processes so that we achieve the perfect quality first time, every time.

Legacy with the sugar Industry:

SBR is a part of a bigger sugar conglomerate called the Shirgaokar group. We have our own 2 large sugar mills running successfully since ages. Hence, who can know the pulse of the sugar millers better than SBR?

Research for better products.

SBR invests regularly into further research and development of new products and systems for the betterment of the Sugar Industry. This is why we have so many patents to our name in the Sugar Mill Rollers division as well as beyond.